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A Keswick site built by a Keswick web design business was designed, built and launched in 2000 by Keswick web design firm Evolution1 (now Polk Designs) which had just opened for business. The site was designed to help promote Keswick and for use as a showpiece for the company, but it was also in response to the local tourism organisation controversially having their own website designed and built by a firm in Devon (which sadly is still the case today!).


DoKeswick has just been redesigned and relaunched (August 2011) and will be developed and expanded over the coming months to incorporate a wider range of activities, more accommodation, other webcam views, photography, virtual tours and video. We also hope to involve more locals in the development of the site utilising their areas of expertise (such as Paul Buttle kindly helping us with walks).


We appreciate help and constructive criticism so please use the contact form and email us any ideas or suggestions you may have to develop the site further. Obviously we have limitations so won't be able to include everything but we'll see how the site grows and go from there.


Thank you for visiting DoKeswick.